Hi, I'm Rosa, and I'm a compulsive planner. ;-) But seriously - I love this wedding stuff, and since the compulsion gets me researching every element of my own wedding to death, and since I enjoy it so much I want to prolong the process as much as I possibly can, I thought I'd start a blog. I've been writing for a while over at Mrs Cake, and will still write about my foodie adventures, but I wanted to keep my wedding adventures separate.

I'll be writing about my own planning (not giving away all the details till the day itself though - if you came to spy you're out of luck until September), general stuff I've learnt, sharing pretty stuff I find on the interwebs. The hacker part is because I see no point in making anything harder than it needs to be - so hopefully the blog will back up my philosophy of working towards the best wedding for the betrothed couple, with a minimum of stress.

So please, join me on my journey (and share yours, whether past, present or future, through the comments) - and hopefully we'll have some fun along the way.

Twitter: @MrsCakeNZ

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