Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Things

For many of us (I'm going to guess, since you're reading this, that you might fall into this category) one of the most appealing elements of weddingy stuff is the pretty pictures all over the internet. It's important to realise that most of them are a) styled by professionals, b) part of weddings with budgets much larger than us normal folk can imagine and c) photographed carefully so you can't see any rough-around-the-edges bits.

With those things in mind to temper any inadequacies you may feel (I have to keep reminding myself!), there are some amazing sources of inspiration and  prettiness out there. My favourite has got to be Pinterest - it's a virtual pinboard - any pretty picture you see, you can pin. And you can search by category or specific term - I've whittled away many hours of my life on the Weddings and Events page, checking out what other people are swooning over. At the moment Pinterest only has public boards, though I understand they're looking at making it possible to have private ones - you may not mind, but though I've used Pinterest heaps for research I haven't pinned many wedding ideas to my real board (haha, I have a secret one!) because I want there to be some element of surprise for our guests.

Offbeat Bride is a great blog, full of weddings that are different (in pretty much any way you can imagine), and it has heaps of great posts (with heaps of photos) about real weddings and interesting, awesome accessories.

Wedding Gawker is like Pinterest, except only for amazing photos (they're kind of picky about what goes on it).

If you're looking for something specific by look you can't go past a good old Google image search - searches like "red wedding cake" or "yellow and grey wedding" will bring up all sorts of eye candy to inspire you.

Hopefully that is some fun for the weekend... And here's a little something to feast the eyes on, in case all those links aren't enough. ;-)

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