Sunday, July 29, 2012

Excellent Vendors: Artifact Titanium Rings

I thought it might be helpful to share my experience with the great vendors we've dealt with. Not all have been great, though so far everyone we're actually using for our wedding (as opposed to some of those we approached for quotes) have been pretty good. I have a bit of a thing for customer service - and in particular when it comes to wedding planning, where (in my opinion) a large part of the product or service is the peace of mind that you won't have to stress about it on the day.

Rings aren't really something that people think too much about great service for, but it still deserves calling out when it happens.

We bought our wedding rings from Artifact, who make titanium rings to order in Dunedin. They have a pretty large catalogue online and will do pretty much anything you want - so you can mix and match the features you like into your perfect ring. You can do it all by email, but we were in Dunedin in February for my nephew's first birthday so made an appointment to go and meet Ted, who is the ringmaker extraordinaire. He is very patient and explained everything we needed to know - for example (and this might sound obvious, but I've never worn much jewellery) that if you want a larger diamond set into your ring the ring needs to be thicker. We spent about an hour trying on the various rings and working out the elements we wanted in ours.

Once we'd decided Ted wrote up the order form, and on Monday morning we had the final order info and payment details by email. I transferred the money through and 10 days later our custom made rings arrived by courier - with several updates by email in between. How's that for speed?

This is not an ad - just genuine praise for a business doing good things! Artifact were great to deal with and produce a great product at a great price.

Have you dealt with any exemplary vendors?

Artifact rings are available online at, appointments at their Dunedin workshop are by arrangement only. 


  1. I wasn't too impressed by the customer service we had when we ordered our rings. But seeing I burst into tears in the shop (, As ordering new rings made it final that we weren't getting the stolen ones back,) maybe the salesperson didn't do too badly.

  2. :-( I think even more reason they should have done well! But I suppose salespeople maybe aren't accustomed to that kind of reaction. Still, shame they couldn't up their game. Were you particularly impressed with any of your vendors?