Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Beginning

I'm a bit obsessive, me - I don't do things halfheartedly. And I slot perfectly into the Type A planner box - which meant that when Mr Cake proposed to me last November he was probably a little flabbergasted at the gusto with which I took up wedding planning. Sorry Mr Cake!
The whirlwind of planning distracted me from my other blog - and to be perfectly honest, while I'm definitely still a keen foodie, I am still far too fascinated by Weddingland to dedicate quite as much time as I used to over there (weddings include food, too, bonus!). I'm hoping that I can share some fun ideas with you through this channel - some pretty pictures, some real wedding DIY (seriously, folks, it can be done!), some sanity-gaining tips. And when our wedding is over I'll be sure to share all the cool things we did (you didn't think I'd be revealing all our secrets beforehand, did you???).

So join me on my journey - hopefully we can trade war stories and learn from each other! 

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